We are a team of passionate people, who enjoy eating plant based food and we really really love to treat others

t’s a Hub

Together we can change habits and become part of the change we wish  to see in the world.

Socialising table:

Οver time the world is described as a large table, likewise the different cultures are often characterised as a variety of colours and flavours. These analogies seem to be dependent on each other and fit perfectly with our values and intentions. 

At Peas with our large table we promote and encourage the communication, sharing and coexistence in order to get to know and understand the different, expanding our perspective and tolerance. We share the table while opening our hearts and so contributing to love, peace, harmony.

Zero waste

Nature does’t produce any rubbish, it is time for us to takes notes and learn by doing the same. 

We help in the reduction of plastic, by avoiding unnecessary consumption, we reuse materials wherever possible. We become practical, while respecting the environment, so please remember to visit us with your food container or cup to get your takeaway and take advantage of the rewarding discount that comes with it.

Bring your water bottle and fill it up with filtered water from our Refill station.

Bring your own straw for takeaway beverages (if you prefer to stay in and enjoy a drink, all drinks are served with a glass straw).

Refill Water Station 

One of the fundamental ideas behind Peas is how we can minimise our single use plastic with ultimate goal to achieve a zero waste approach. Based on that we are proud to say that Peas is a refill water station. To assure the quality of the water we have installed a water filter in our taps and it makes us super happy to see you visiting us with your own bottles! Besides our moto “give peas a chance” manifests exactly that, Peas are the values, the new ideas and all the habits that contribute to peace, ecology and sustainability. As Stephanie Wiermann states ( the one that spread the refill idea in Germany)  “… when I am leaving my house I always remember my keys and my bottle! It’s a matter of habit..” So please come to Peas to refill…give refill a chance!