The inspiration and the vision of the whole project!
Those who know Leela, know of her ability to implement ideas methodically and in detail!
One of those ideas was Peas and its genesis inspired the whole team! Her thoughts always reflect the values ​​of justice and compassion for all living beings.
She is always working hard so that Peas can serve tasteful delights, while showing that we can eat real, wholesome food and above all peaceful.
She is constantly educating herself on the latest ecological solutions so that Peas be even more sustainable. Despite the difficulties in choosing sustainable and cruelty-free materials, Leela manages to keep Peas true to its original vision and mission.


The mum that takes care of everyone!
With studies in french and mediterranean cuisine, Lous is always in action; She never stops creating and experimenting with new tastes and flavours.
Along with her family they have been vegetarian for a long time, while she turned vegan a few years ago. Her compassion for all living beings and her love for cooking made her want to join forces and become a fundamental member of our Peas team.
Her cooking reflects the care and affection that a mum shows towards her children. Because this is how Lous is taking care of all of us, as if we are her children.